Social Media Daily News Roundup 17.08.18

Fake Facebook adverts are making people double take all over London

A mystery street artist has tampered with billboards across London to share some interesting messages about fake news. Photos circulating online show the bus shelters parodying a series of Facebook advertisements. (Metro)


Twitter CEO is rethinking core parts of how Platform works


Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said he is rethinking core parts of the social media network so that it does not enable the spread of hate speech and disinformation. (New York Post)

LinkedIn’s Groups Experience Is Getting a Complete Overhaul

A deeper look into yesterdays story.  LinkedIn will introduce a completely overhauled groups experience at the end of the month, fully reintegrating it into its mobile applications and website after scrapping its standalone LinkedIn Groups iOS app Feb. 15. (Adweek)

Hundreds of celebrities investigated over 'hidden adverts' on social media

Their photographs and videos of luxury holidays, designer gear and make-up attract not only the attention and jealousy of millions but also bumper sales for companies and now hundreds of celebrities are being investigated by competition watchdogs over social media posts which it suspects are "hidden adverts" for products. (The Telegraph)

What next for football's 'weird' social media craze?

A monkey using a laptop, a singing lion, a chess-playing goat, a footballer dressed as a wolf, plumes of white smoke from a restaurant chimney. Not forgetting the cryptic messages, Ikea-style pictorial instructions, magic tricks and Fortnite. Confused? Indeed. Football clubs have increasingly been using social media to unveil player signings in unconventional ways, embracing eccentricity like an elderly British aristocrat living on a diet of stout and double cream. Weird has become the new normal. (CNN)

WhatsApp backups will stop counting toward your Google Drive storage

Good news for the more than 1 billion WhatsApp users out there: starting this November, you won’t need to sacrifice valuable Google Drive storage space to back up your messages. (The Verge)

Pinterest says it will attract some 50M back-to-school shoppers this season

As students gear up to head back to class, we are at the peak of back-to-school shopping season. Starting in early July and lasting through September, Deloitte’s 2018 Back to School survey reports 90% of back-to-school shoppers are most active during the month-long period between late July and early August, with 67% of all “back-to-school” shopping dollars spent the first two weeks of August.  (Marketing Land)


Stuart Hall