Social Media News Roundup 6.11.18

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Facebook is looking at how to suggest friends by tracking who you meet in person 🙄

Facebook has been granted a patent that it could use to detect the people who you spend time with on a regular basis. The idea is that the person you sit next to on the bus and flirt with could be suggested as a Facebook friend by the social network. (Mirror)

Comscore Adds Limited Measurement Tool for Snapchat Discover

Publishers are about to get more credit for all the viewers who watch their Snapchat Discover channels, though advertisers will still have to wait for audited numbers on specific shows. (WSJ)

Facebook blocks 115 accounts on eve of US midterms amid probe into 'inauthentic behaviour'

Facebook has blocked 115 accounts it said may have been “engaged in coordinated inauthentic behaviour” ahead of the US midterm elections today.

Snapchat Discover opens up measurement doors, but media buyers don’t expect to shift ad dollars

Snap’s opening up of Snapchat Discover to third-party measurement has been a long time coming, but it’s unlikely to shift a significant amount of ad dollars.

Instagram might be working on school Stories

Instagram appears to be working on a school-based version of Stories that would only contain content from a particular school’s student body, as reported by TechCrunch.

Stuart Hall