Social Media Daily News Roundup 21.11.18

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Twitter Shared 9 Trends It Discovered During Last Year’s Holiday Shopping Season

Twitter examined activity on its platform during the 2017 holiday shopping season and shared nine trends for brands to consider for this year. (Adweek)

Instagram's Crackdown on Fake Followers Just Might Work

Instagram Monday said it would again crack down on users who pursue “inauthentic activity” to boost an account’s popularity. Within hours, BlackHatWorld, a forum popular with self-proclaimed “black hat” social media marketers, was in crisis. (Wired)

Snapchat's rumored Spectacles 3 has us worried about the company's priorities

This seems to be the guiding principle for Snap Inc.'s relentless pursuit to make its Spectacles camera glasses A Thing. Despite two versions of Spectacles, each of which got a lukewarm response, the company is reportedly planning to release a new $350 version by the end of this year with two cameras. The new specs will also capable of augmented reality when connected to the Snapchat app. (Mashable)

LinkedIn is beginning to look a lot like Snapchat

LinkedIn is testing its own Stories feature with some of its student users in the United States, the company has confirmed. The feature puts short video clips at the top of users' feeds in the main app to show students about the activities of their classmates as well as those at nearby schools. (Mashable)

YouTube will stream The Lego Movie free as an ad for the sequel

The length of ads on YouTube can be distressing, but the question is whether people would be okay sitting through a 100-minute commercial if it were actually a full-length movie. (The Verge)

YouTube Is Now Running Pop-Ups Warning Users About Article 13

Time to mobilise the army?  YouTube appears to be going all out to defeat the European Union’s proposed Copyright Directive, particularly Article 13. (Digital Music News)

Twitch is streaming Pokémon for Thanksgiving

The Twitch Presents channel will host the marathon, as it did in August. A similar Pokémon stream ran for several days and consisted of 936 episodes and 16 movies. (Polygon)

Zuckerberg won’t step down as Facebook chairman

In a short but amply-hyped interview with CNN, Facebook’s  founder and chief executive again responded to criticism over the company’s most recent crisis. (TechCrunch)

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