Social Media Daily News Roundup 15.11.18

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What are the trends in social media marketing for 2019

What are the trends we expect t see in 2019 for Social Media Marketing, from our travels over the last few weeks we have compiled our thoughts (SocialDay)

Instagram can tell you how much time you've spent on it

Called Your Activity, the dashboard is accessible in the top right menu, and you can see how much time you've spent on the app on average, as well how much you're using it each day. (Mashable)

Twitter now lets you see top tweets in updated Search tab

Twitter is rolling out an update for iOS users in the US where they can see tweets they care about the most in the search tab via new "sections". (Financial Express)

Morale at Facebook is reportedly in the dumps

Facebook employee morale is down after a turbulent year for the company, according to the reported findings of an internal survey. (CNBC)

Snapchat parent hands over data for US inquiry

Snap Inc. has been responding to subpoenas and request for information from the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission, a spokesperson said in response to an AFP inquiry. (Phys)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator gets new engagement alerts, Custom Lists, more mobile search features

LinkedIn announced new updates to its Sales Navigator platform on Wednesday. Since launching the “Deals” features in August, the sales management platform has introduced new engagement alert notifications, added a Custom List feature and extended all desktop search features to the mobile app. (Martech)

New VIP role allows Twitch streamers to reward valuable viewers

Streamers will be able to use this new role to reward and recognize valuable viewers and members of their community, such as those that may have helped them meet the requirements to achieve Affiliate and/or Partner status. (dexerto)

Stuart Hall