Influencer of the Year

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Influencer Marketing is becoming more increasingly used by brands and agencies, you only need to look at some of the nominations in the “Influencer campaign of the year” to see the quality and creativity that Influencer Marketing can allow.

Influencers and creators come in many different forms and on many different platforms, big numbers do not necessarily define a successful influencer. Good influencers regardless of the platform, niche or market sector have the ability to reach out and connect with their audience.

Our list of nominees for the Influencer of the year category reflect the diversity in the market, from the niche to internationally recognised.

Congratulations to all our nominees and we look forward to finding out who our judges select on the 29th October.

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Here are your nonimees for the 2018 influencer of the year:

Kenda Macdonald

Andrew Fitzsimons

Stephen Tries

Charlotte Amor Valentine

Sergei Urban


EltoriaIskra Lawrence

Dan Middleton

Darren Kennedy


Dina Torkia

Anna Whitehouse (Mother Pukker)

Paula Callan

Patricia Bright

Joe Wicks

Samantha Kelly

Mike Gibson

Chloe Ormond

Bonnie Ryan

Amanda Byram

Stuart Hall