Sovial Media News Roundup 22.10.18

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Facebook tests multiple brands in a single ad unit

Facebook is testing a new ad format that features multiple advertisers in one unit, bundling dynamic ad campaigns from two different companies in a side-by-side version of Facebook’s Collections ads. (DigiDay)

Nick Clegg urged to stand up for liberalism and democracy at Facebook

The former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown has urged Nick Clegg to stand up for the values of liberalism and democracy at Facebook, as tech companies continue to hire staff in preparation for a global battle against tough new internet regulation. (Guardian)

How a suspicious Facebook page is pushing pro-Brexit ads to millions

The UK's fake news inquiry says the website Mainstream has spent around £257,000 on pushing a pro-Brexit advertising campaign on Facebook in the last 10 months. The problem? Nobody knows who runs the page or where the money comes from (BBC)

Saudi Arabia reportedly groomed Twitter employee to spy on user accounts

The employee was fired in 2015, and Twitter notified ‘a few dozen’ accounts that they might have been targeted (The Verge)

Instagram’s Future as a Social Commerce App Looks Murkier Than Ever

Eight years ago, Instagram was nothing more than a new social media app designed to share grainy photos of food, friends and family. A billion-dollar acquisition and several years later, Instagram is turning into a leading contender in the social commerce space, with the platform evolving from a place for influencers and normals to one where brands can thrive and create whole businesses. (Adweek)

Jagermeister turns to Snapchat for Halloween push

ägermeister is upping its ad spending on Snapchat for its annual Halloween promotion. Heather Kozera, vp of integrated marketing at Mast-Jägermeister, parent company to Jägermeister, said the liquor brand has doubled its spend on Snapchat: (DigiDay)

What the Top “Just Chatting” Streamers Reveal About Twitch’s New Category

Most outside the gaming community may not be aware of Twitch’s  non-gaming origins. The video game streaming platform was originally a spin-off of, one of the world’s first live streaming networks, and although that website no longer exists outside of Twitch, non-gaming content still remains both a complementary and alternative option to watching people play. (TEO)

‘Retailers have to be ready for it’: Visual search sits on the brink of a breakthrough

The future of visual search rests on how well retailers can adapt their online catalogs to the capability, and the platforms that open the doors for scale. (DigiDay)

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