Social Media News Roundup 18.10.18

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Twitter tests out ‘annotations’ in Moments

Twitter is trying out a small new change to Moments that would provide contextual information within its curated stories. Spotted by Twitter user @kwatt and confirmed by a number of Twitter product team members, the little snippets appear sandwiched between tweets in a Moment. (TechCrunch)

Facebook Portal’s claims to protect user privacy are falling apart

Sometimes even Facebook executives don’t understand the vast reach of their ad targeting operation (The Verge)

Twitter will show users when tweets are removed for policy violations

Twitter is making a couple of changes in regards to how it handles reported tweets. First, users have told Twitter that they don't necessarily want to see tweets that they've reported. (Engaget)

Why Organic Growth Is the Key to Growing Your Brand on Instagram

Opinion: it’s more important than ever to have a clearly defined, visually striking presence (Ad Week)

Why Can’t Instagram Get Anybody to Care About IGTV?

Instagram pulled out all the stops when it announced IGTV to the world in June. Though the platform’s hub for long form video content (NYMag)

Whatcha looking at? How Twitch is changing the TV viewing experience

“The Gogglebox of livestreaming,” is how Steve Ford, the vice-president of sales of Twitch, describes the Amazon-owned social video app to The Drum. It’s his shorthand for getting brands and marketers to look at his service with rose-tinted goggles. (The Drum)

Stuart Hall